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President Photo “Nothing great was ever achieved without great enthusiasm.” This quote has been a guiding principle in my life for many years. For me, it means that in every task and role, to be truly successful, you must be extremely passionate. It means you must be driven, determined, and tenacious in all that you do. If you are, great things will happen. My other guiding principle is, “Good is not good enough, if better is possible.” To me, that means that in every situation, you should leave it better than when you found it, avoid complacency, and strive to do better. It is with these two guiding principles that I enthusiastically begin my term as President of this amazing organization.

This year SCWLA turns 25! The past 25 years have provided a robust and rich history for not only our organization, but the progress of women in our profession. In 1993, several courageous women laid the foundation for this dynamic and necessary organization. We all truly stand on the shoulders of these giants. We are eternally thankful to Vickie Eslinger, Ann Furr, Suzi Clawson, Janet Butcher, Helen McFadden, Virginia Bedford, Corky Erwin, Eve Moredock Stacy, Ann Wilson, Besty Gray, Justice Jean Toal, Abagail Rogers, Nancie Quick, Jackie Bartley, and many more for leaving the ladder down for us. We plan to celebrate this incredible milestone October 18 – 20 in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The theme—Engagement and Empowerment---will feature dynamic topics and dynamic speakers. Be on the lookout for more information and a Save the Date soon!

Today, our over 900 member organization has been shaped by the forethought, tenacity, and determination of our founders. In our 25 year history, we have provided invaluable support and resources to countless lawyers across the state. We have hosted several United States Supreme Court Justices, prominent figures on the forefront of women’s rights, hosted countless programs, and mentored countless more women lawyers in our state. But, better is possible.

To fully execute on our mission and to make sure we are fulfilling the promise of those brave women who organized SCWLA, the Board of Directors recently approved a Strategic Plan for SCWLA. This year we will begin implementation of this three year plan—focusing our activities in three main categories: Capacity, Member Engagement, and Relevance. The longevity and continuing relevance of our organization for 25 more years’ will be greatly served through the implementation of this plan. I encourage you to help implement this plan.

Our organization’s strength comes from its members. I encourage you to take an enthusiastic and active role in our organization. Our organization is good, but we can be better with your commitment, expertise, and time. Committee sign-ups are now open. We have opportunities to serve regionally and on a state-wide level. Click here to join a committee.

Can’t wait to share in your enthusiasm!

Sheila Willis


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